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Digital art.

I got my ipad pro in 2007 and instantly started loving drawing digitally. I was also dealing with my health issues starting right around then and it made the almost 2 years I was stuck in bed more tolerable. The work done during that time has now inspired my recent custom work, and the new canvases I am working on. Digital art has been awesome to work on but the majority of it just sits on my google drive. I make a quick social media post, or think about making prints, but thats it.

Now learning about NFTs and how you can sell digital work I feel like the pieces I have just hidden away I may have a use for now. Even if nothing sells at least the digital work I have is now on out there and available.. I have 15 whisper nft's I will be adding over this year to my portfolio.

I started up an Opeansea account, paid way more money to mint my first item then its up for sale at but I wanted to learn and this was the best way for me to start from the information I have gathered the past few weeks. I will include some links below to my NFT's as well as some helpful links.

My first NFT is called Whisper Bloom this is a 8000x8000px 300dpi image.



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